PLLDF’s transition to an annual brunch format for 2018 was a huge success! More than 115 guests enjoyed a wonderful meal and an inspiring address by 2018 Thomas More Award recipient, Attorney Erika Bachiochi.

Attorney Bachiochi is a prolific author and speaker on issues including abortion, Equal Protection jurisprudence, and feminist legal theory. Her writings debunk equality protection arguments for abortion rights, and clarify the harmful impact of new sexual norms on women and the poor. Erika has edited two books, and her essays appear in numerous, nationally respected publications. As a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School, a Research Fellow at the Abigail Adams Institute, and a Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C., Erika is a true pro-life heroine.

Pro-life students, including those from high schools through law schools, joined other pro-life supporters to witness Attorney Bachiochi’s enlightening presentation on the pr-life roots of traditional feminism. Attorney Bachiochi’s lucid description of her conversion from a proponent of the culture of choice to a defender of life, and of how abortion hurts the poor, resonated deeply with all present.

Below are some photos of this great event.



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