In 2017, PLLDF joined representatives of the Harvard Law Students for Life and the (undergraduate) Harvard Right to Life organizations for a showing of HUSH at Harvard University.

Here’s what some of the students had to say about HUSH:

“I have always been pro-life and I have always held the belief that to be pro-life is to be pro-woman, but the information provided in HUSH regarding abortion’s medical risks blew my mind.  HUSH was a refreshing, non-partisan approach to seeking Truth for Truth’s, and for one another’s sake; the issue of abortion took a step back from the highly politicized realm in which it currently dwells.  This documentary is a must-see for people, pro-choice and pro-life alike.” (Meredith Jones, President, Harvard Right to Life)

“The HUSH film does an excellent job of bringing to light the substantial evidence that abortion harms women’s health.  A frank discussion of abortion’s full effects reveals that abortion not only ends the lives of children, but physically and psychologically damages women as well.” (Josiah Kollmeyer, Harvard Law Students for Life)

Here’s a link to the HUSH website and a trailer: www.hushmovie.com

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